Temperature SP can reach up to 33 degrees celsius on Monday, says S | São Paulo

Temperatura em SP pode chegar 33ºC nesta segunda feira, diz Inmet
Temperatura em SP pode chegar 33ºC nesta segunda feira, diz Inmet

Primavera começa com muito calor e tardes secas

Spring began with a lot of heat, and add the dry

In the spring, which begins this Saturday (22), which is carried out in dry weather and a lot of heat for the capital city of são paulo. On Monday, the maximum can reach up to 33 degrees celsius, according to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet).

The thermometers from the meteorological station of the observatory of Santana, in the North Zone, where the measure is made to official temperature in the capital, recorded 31 degrees celsius this Sunday (23). Until Thursday (27), the sun should appear from early on and the minimum temperatures vary between just 17 ° c and 22 DEGREES.

On Wednesday (26), the heaven dawns in the midst of the cloud, but no rain forecast. The indices of humidity of the air entering the reduced time in the afternoon, according to the Center for Emergency Management (CGE) of the Town.

The spring that goes until the 21st of December, when start the summer. It is common that the Brazil station of the two warm days, as cold that day, but without the severe cold.

Sol e calor marcam o início da primavera

The sun and the heat mark the start of spring

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